• Jewel of India

    Jewel of India

    Hanover's Culinary Journey to Authentic North India

    Experience aromatic curries, sizzling tandoori, and fresh-baked naan in a warm and inviting ambiance.

    11 Lebanon Street, Hanover, NH
  • Samosa Man

    Hanover's King of Crispy, Flavorful Samosas!

    Handcrafted samosas bursting with fresh ingredients, vegan options, and irresistible chutneys. Bite-sized happiness on the go!

    6 Allen Street #2, Hanover, NH
  • Sawtooth Kitchen

    Hanover's Stage for Flavor, Drinks, & Live Music!

    Savor delicious American fare, sip crafted cocktails, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere with live music every night.

    Under Allen Street, Hanover, NH
  • Umpleby's Bakery & Cafe

    Hanover's Sweet Escape for Fresh Pastries, Cozy Vibes & Delicious Coffee

    Indulge in homemade breads, mouthwatering pastries, and heartwarming sandwiches in a sun-drenched cafe.

    3 South Street, Hanover, NH
  • Ramunto's

    Hanover's Slice of New York Pizza Heaven!

    Authentic brick-oven pizza, New York-style crust, and fresh, hand-crafted toppings for true pizza bliss.

    9 South Street, Hanover, NH
  • Dirt Cowboy Cafe

    Hanover's Daily Grind with Soul, Community, & Brews!

    Beyond coffee, discover aromatic roasts, live music, open mic nights, and a vibrant Hanover hub.

    7 South Main Street, Hanover, NH
  • The Nest Kitchen & Cafe

    Hanover's Cozy Nest for Delicious Food, Friendly Faces, & Community Spirit

    Savor homemade breakfast, hearty sandwiches, fresh salads, and baked goods in a warm and inviting atmosphere where everyone feels at home.

    57 South Main Street Suite 101, Hanover, NH